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Did you know

Varian has launched VitalBeam™, a cost-effective and upgradable image guided radiotherapy system. It is part of the innovative TrueBeam platform. The new product allows cost-constrained hospitals, especially in developing countries, to access advanced technology, to offer curative treatments for various cancer types and expand their general treatment capabilities over time.

Selected Footprint Facts

  • Some 30% of all cancers are lung cancers and the World Health organization estimates that in a few years’ time there will be more lung cancer patients in China alone than there are currently cancer cases in the rest of the world combined.

  • Varian has more than 1,000 active and pending patents around the world. Annually, Varian files dozens of patent applications based on continuing innovation.

  • Given the lack of qualified staff in developing countries to manage treatments and run the equipment correctly, Varian has been organizing “Access to Care” training programs for oncologists and physicists in Vietnam, South Africa or Algeria.

Source: Varian Medical Systems

Company Voices

As a cancer-fighting company, we are increasing our efforts to make the treatment of cancer more effective, affordable, and accessible for patients around the world.

Dow Wilson.

Dow Wilson

Source: Varian Medical Systems

Regions and Sectors

Revenue By Region

North America
  • North America 43%
  • Europe 30%
  • Asia-Pacific 23%

Revenue By Business

  • Oncology Systems 77%
  • X-Ray Products 18%
  • Other 5%

Source: Varian Medical Systems