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  • Length of bars indicate impact contribution per theme
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Did you know

Since 1990, the number of people living with type 2 diabetes has doubled. If the 393 million people living with the disease were a nation, it would be the third most populous on earth with more citizens than the United States of America. The world is rapidly urbanising and two thirds of people living with diabetes reside in cities – a number that rises each day. The way urban areas are designed, built and run is changing the way we live and, in some cases, increasing our vulnerability to diabetes. That’s why Novo Nordisk initiated “Cities Changing Diabetes” in partnership with University College London and Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen and 100 partners. 19 cities already joined.

Selected Footprint Facts

  • In 2018, 5 million people with diabetes were treated with Novo’s human insulin at a maximum of 4 USD per 10ml vial. As a result, people can be treated with insulin for on average USD 0.12 per day.

  • In 2018, Novo Nordisk set an ambition to have zero negative environmental impact. To get there, a new environmental strategy was adopted that addresses risks across the entire value chain, including climate change, water and resource scarcity, pollution and plastic waste.

  • Novo Nordisk had three product recalls from the market in 2018. None of these recalls were critical. Product safety is high.

Source: Novo Nordisk

Company Voices

The number of people with diabetes is growing at an alarming rate. The latest estimates are that by 2035 close to 600 million people will have diabetes and at some point most of them will require medical treatment.

Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen CEO

Source: Novo Nordisk

Regions and Sectors

Revenue By Region

North America
  • North America 51%
  • Europe 22%
  • Asia-Pacific 20%
  • Remaining world 17%

Revenue By Business

  • Biopharmaceuticals 20%
  • Diabetes Care 80%

Source: Novo Nordisk