Globalance Footprint
of First State Infrastructure


Impact Themes

Footprint according to Themes

The Footprint of First State Infrastructure is determined by the following Impacts:





My Footprint52
MSCI World43


  • Colors indicate Footprint Themes
  • Length of bars indicate impact contribution per theme
  • Actual/Max-column compares for each theme the actual scores to the maximum achievable in this sector or asset class. 0/0 stands for a theme not assessed.


Did you know

The fund is invested in the East Japan Railway Company, one of the largest railway companies worldwide. Every day 12'784 trains carry about 17 million passengers. The route network includes Tohoku Shinkansen, a high-speed connection between Tokyo and Aomori. In some sections the trains travel at speeds of up to 320 km/h. The journey of 675 km only takes 3 hours and 5 minutes. Since their launch in 1964, Shinkansen high-speed trains have operated without accident.

Selected Footprint Facts

  • American Tower is an independent owner, operator and developer of wireless and broadcast communication real estate. The portfolio includes over 69,000 sites in thirteen countries, including the USA, Brazil, Chile, Ghana, Uganda and South Africa.

  • UK energy provider SSE freezes domestic gas and electricity prices in Great Britain until at least 2016. The freeze is the longest unconditional price guarantee ever offered by an energy company and is intended to shield SSE’s customers from rising energy costs. The company recognises and expects that its profit margin will be lower than it has been previously.

Company Voices

There are some industries where investing in sustainability initiatives has a direct link to earnings growth and, in turn, shareholder value. The US water industry is a great example. The network of pipelines is ageing and lack of investments in renewal leads to leakage, while drinking water standards violations will increase.

Rebecca Sherlock
Senior Analyst

Regions and Sectors

Revenue By Region

North America
  • North America 36%
  • Europe 24%
  • Asia-Pacific 28%

Revenue By Business

  • Regulated Utilities  20%
  • Integrated Utilities  13.5%
  • Toll Roads 13.5%
  • Towers  9%
  • Freight Rail 9%
  • Passenger Rail 8.5%
  • Ports  6%
  • Other 20.5%