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  • Colors indicate Footprint Themes
  • Length of bars indicate impact contribution per theme
  • Actual/Max-column compares for each theme the actual scores to the maximum achievable in this sector or asset class. 0/0 stands for a theme not assessed.


Did you know

In November 2014, Ecolab and Trucost jointly launched a new analysis tool called “WaterRiskMonetizer”. The tool is available free of charge and identifies operational risks related to water consumption. Firms can enter data on water consumption and water prices for production facilities at different locations. Based on this data, the tool calculates future water costs and a risk factor. This factor considers the fact that water often does not have a true market price because it still has characteristics of a public good in many areas.

Selected Footprint Facts

  • With the aid of Ecolab solutions like Excelerate, CIP Diagnose and Cold disinfection, global dairy company Arla Foods improved its footprint significantly. With Ecolab’s support in 2012, Arla saved a total of 731 million liters of water, 17 million kWh of energy, and 665 cubic meters of chemistry and raw materials.

  • Advantis FC Cleaning Program is a low-temperature chemistry that efficiently removes protein and fat from food-processing equipment. This results in reduced energy use and cooling time.

  • In 2013, Ecolab customers globally saved approximately 110 billion gallons of water through the use of the 3D Trasar Technology for cooling water.

Source: Ecolab

Company Voices

Running industrial processes with “gray” water. Using less energy to clean food-processing equipment. Reducing plastic waste through solids chemistry. Improving the efficiency of desalination. Maintaining clean linens and sanitary kitchens with less water and energy. Those are just some of the ways we partnered with our customers in 2013 to help them manage complex business challenges with sustainable solutions.

Douglas M. Baker, Jr.
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Source: Ecolab

Regions and Sectors

Revenue By Region

North America
Latin America
  • North America 56%
  • Europe 24%
  • Asia-Pacific 12%
  • Latin America 8%

Revenue By Business

  • Global Industrial 37%
  • Global Institutional 32%
  • Global Energy 26%
  • Other 5%

Source: Ecolab